First I know the communities I will serve. I have a background of diversity and having grown up in rural Norwalk on the family dairy farm I was taught the value of hard work at an early age. Later I attended a college prep seminary, where, as serendipity would have it, I found my love of photography.  With that new passion and a supportive family, I started my first business at the age of 19. While building my business I worked in area factories, being both a union steward and later a shift supervisor.  It was at one of these jobs that I met my future wife by photographing her parents’ 35th wedding anniversary, we later married in 1977. We have had a successful full time business ever since. 

I mentored with some of the great photographers in our area and got involved with state and national organizations early in my career, knowing that education would be key to my success. I studied at the Winona School of Photography in Chicago and the Triangle Institute of Photography in Pittsburgh. Later in my career I taught at both of these schools. I have both a photographic craftsman’s degree and a Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America. My photography career has put me in touch with people in all walks of life, young and old, business professional and factory workers; I respected them and they trusted me. Yet today I meet people in my travels and they say “hi,” and remind me of a time we worked together 10, 20 or even 40 years ago. Our business has evolved over the years to keep up with the latest technology, and we now provide wholesale printing services to fellow photographers and businesses around the state.

I have served on many boards and organizations in leadership positions over the years, and I look forward with confidence to the challenges of this state office. With the endorsement of our current State Representative Terry Boose and the support of other area local officials I am confident I am ready to serve on day one in Columbus.

 If elected I will listen to those I serve and do everything in my power to be a strong voice for our district and for all our families.

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