The primary job I would have in Columbus will be to continue driving down unemployment, and creating higher-paying jobs for Ohio residents. We need existing businesses to expand and new business to come into our district. I have spoken to business leaders and owners who definitely agree that Ohio has a great workforce; however, they do have concerns. Number one is Ohio’s current and future energy costs. We need an all of –the- above approach to energy production in Ohio. We can no longer continue to close efficient coal-fired plants that have traditionally produced up to 85% of Ohio’s energy and still keep Ohio competitive with surrounding states. Wind and solar farms cannot be the only answer; they produce only a fraction of our needs and only when the wind blows or the sun shines. Subsequently we are forced to buy peak capacity energy from alternate markets outside of Ohio, with those costs saddled to the backs of consumers and businesses.  We spend billions federally, and millions statewide, for more expensive forms of energy. It’s time to stop funding impractical energy production and get back to basics. Build what works and put research money into new technologies that will help lead Ohio into a brighter, more economical energy future. One new area I am excited about would be research into Thorium nuclear energy. Thorium is a clean cheap and abundant power source already being researched in India and China. I believe Ohio could become a key U.S. player in this new energy sector if we are willing to make the commitment; a commitment that will not only bring new higher paying jobs to our state, but create clean, abundant, and inexpensive energy for Ohio and the world.


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