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Norwalk businessman Dick Stein has joined the Ohio House of Representatives after a successful 2016 campaign. He is currently in his third term.

“My many years as a small businessman have also given me an excellent understanding of how government can affect business, both positively and negatively,” Stein said.

A few of Representative Stein’s accomplishments include:

  • He championed the passage of HB 168 in his first term, creating a grant program to help the 27 townships he represents in maintaining the not for profit cemeteries under their care.
  • Supported revising the CAUV tax to be more fair to Ohio agricultural taxpayers.
  • Worked with the private sector and PUCO to lower energy costs for working families and businesses.
  • Supported local government and school boards control of curricula instead of control by federal and state bureaucrats, including the elimination of the Common Core program and more recently the legislation to stop the teaching of “Critical Race Theory”
  • Has supported legislation for better healthcare transparency – Ohio currently ranks near the bottom in legislation to provide healthcare transparency. Many people are surprised to learn that in healthcare, there is no correlation between cost and quality. Prices for medical services can vary greatly, even for the same procedure in the same area, within the same network. Quality and outcomes can vary just as greatly with no relationship to price. The only way to know whether you’re getting good care at a reasonable price is to see the pricing and outcome data.

Pro Election Integrity

“We have to find better ways to validate the election process to make sure people believe we
have fair, secure elections.  We have enough voter apathy as it is and we do not need to erode voter confidence with lack a of transparency. Everyone should have the right to know if their vote was properly cast or not. There needs to be the ability to have and absolute audit trail. In addition, the chain of custody needs to be improved as it relates to mail-in ballots.

  • Representative Stein is currently chairman of Commerce and Labor Committee and also serves on Public Utilities and Technology and Innovation committees. In addition Representative Stein also serves on the Ohio Power Siting Board which is responsible for energy policy throughout the state.
  • Representative Stein is a graduate of Norwalk St. Paul High School. Stein and his wife, Patty, are the parents of two married sons and10 grandchildren.

Contact us at:

Dick Stein, 2854 State Route 61, Norwalk, OH 44857 – Email: Rep57@ohiohouse.gov / Office Phone: 614-466-9628