My focus in life has always been about being able to provide for my family by creating products and services that people want to purchase. We have taught our kids that with hard work and a good idea you can make your own path and be successful. I also know our two sons and their wives will teach those same values to our grandchildren.

I have been blessed with a good life. I came out of high school at a time when the Vietnam War was ending, so serving in the armed forces was not necessary. Yet, I remember my dad’s stories about the hell of war and what he went through in World War II. My father is a Purple Heart veteran as a result of a mortar attack. He took shrapnel to his legs and hip and saw his fellow soldiers die in the attack. He always said he was glad his sons didn’t have to experience war. To those who have served and continue to serve, thank you for your service. To those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, I pray for you and your families.

Service for most of us may never be to the level of military service, but we all need to serve in some way. Through our service we honor our military for their sacrifices and we show them through our actions that their lives matter. My family has served our country by being farmers and business owners as we share the same American values as our soldiers who have fought and died in order to make our communities a better place to raise our families.

This is why I ran, to serve the community, state and country that I love. This position has allowed me to give back to my fellow citizens and be a conservative voice for the people I represent, thank you for your trust. Together we can make Ohio the best place in the world for all our families.

Here is where I need your help:

  • Your prayers – During these trying divisive times.
  • Your support – Talk to your family and friends about our efforts. If you think we will continue to make a positive difference in Ohio, let others know.
  • Your time – I will need help going door to door, putting out yard signs and the multitude of other tasks needed to get the word out.
  • Your Contributions – I cannot accomplish this goal on my own and it’s a humbling experience to have to ask. However if I am going to make a difference, I need your continued financial support.

In conclusion, we all have a responsibility to make America great again. We should not divide ourselves into a county of Democrats and Republicans. That is not who we are, we are the United States of America and we are all Americans first.

With your help we can achieve the conservative goals I will fight for:

  • Protecting life from birth though natural death
  • Protecting our 2nd amendment right to bear arms to protect ourselves and our families
  • Support our police and keep our families safe by charging and prosecuting criminals
  • Stop the teaching and promotion of CRT – (critical race theory) in our school and by our government
  • Support your medical freedom (HB218) as it relates to COVID-19 vaccination
  • Keep our children in schools and stop remote learning

For our families, our state and our country, God Bless!

Located at: 2854 State Route 61, Norwalk, OH 44857  – Phone to reach me: 614-466-9628 email: