Stein has either sponsored or co-sponsored over 440 bills since taking office on Jan. 1, 2017

„ Alongside State Senator Nathan Manning, Stein presented the Norwalk Arts Center with
a $250,000 grant from the state in February 2021 for renovation projects
„ Through the Ohio State Controlling Board, Stein facilitated the funding of two local
projects in his hometown of Norwalk (August 2021)
The first project includes the approval of release of capital funds totaling
$212,500 for a recovery house for women seeking recovery from
substance use disorders. The other approved measure released $34,750
to assist with renovations and improvements for the Norwalk Armory.

Instrumental in the formulation of HB 118 (SB 52) that was signed into law in July 2021

SB 52 gives power to county boards on whether to allow or prevent
certification of wind and solar projects. The legislation also establishes
decommissioning requirements for certain wind and solar facilities.
͞”With the passage and signing by our governor of SB 52, the citizens of
our district and across Ohio will have a more active voice in industrial
wind and solar development,” said Rep. Dick Stein, R-Norwalk.
͞”Through local active civic engagement, our communities have come
together to voice their concerns at all levels of government in regards
to industrial wind and now solar development in our agricultural

“As stated in the OPSB (Ohio Power Siting Board) stipulations, industrial
wind and solar development must meet the needs of public interest, convenience and necessity. With the signing of S.B. 52, we have
strengthened those goals for all citizens in Ohio”.


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