Healthcare Transparency

Ohio currently ranks near the bottom in legislation to provide healthcare transparency. Many people are surprised to learn that in healthcare, there is no correlation between cost and quality. Prices for medical services can vary greatly even for the same procedure, in the same area, within the same network. Quality and outcomes can vary just as greatly, with no relationship to price. The only way to know whether you’re getting good care at a reasonable price is to see the pricing and outcome data.

Expanding Innovative Medical Technologies

Rep. Stein is working on legislation that would bring research and development of life-saving medical isotopes to Ohio. The bill would provide another important tool for hospitals to maintain a constant supply of life-saving medicines in the ongoing effort to diagnose and treat cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Because the United States currently imports nearly all of its medical isotopes from other countries, Ohioans may not always have access to the medicines they need to fight these fatal diseases. The goal of Rep. Stein’s legislation is to make Ohio a national and global leader in this important field of research, as well as save lives, create good-paying jobs and bring high-tech economic development to ours state.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

The prescription drug and opioid epidemic has impacted families in every community across the state. As state representative, Dick Stein voted to invest $180 million to help our communities fight this problem, expanding treatment options for the addicted and to strengthen penalties on drug dealers that are tearing apart families.

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