Lower Energy Cost – 

Ohio has frozen it’s renewable energy mandates temporally by the signing of SB310. If job growth is to continue we must permanently repeal the 2008 mandate. It is time we let businesses and consumers use their own judgement as to how best to save money by improving energy efficiency within their homes and businesses.

As it is now we allow the federal and state government to pick winners and losers by paying out millions in tax payer dollars, These favored companies then build  solar and wind farms that do not meet the needs of our businesses or our consumers. Every night when the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing these renewable sit idle. We when fire-up alternative gas, oil or coal fired plants to meet the consistent energy needs of Ohio. As a result we consumers and business pay twice for infrastructure, this makes no sense.

But wait there is more! To force the utility companies to be “Green” the EPA created renewable energy credits. These expensive credits are paid for by taxpayers and business in the form of higher energy cost.

If you want to grow and maintain jobs in Ohio we must control and lower our energy cost for business, industry and consumers.


Reduce Taxes –

Reduce state taxes by broadening the tax base to reduce rates for all Ohioans.

Revising the CAUV tax to be more fair to our agricultural taxpayers.


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